Chamber & Solo Works

A Drop of Honey (2018)– for clarinet, sitar, violin, viola & cello

A Vagabond Song (2015)– for string quartet (originally for SATB vocal quartet or chamber choir)

Acqua (2018)– for cello octet

After the Storm (2021)– for solo clarinet & string octet

Anatomy of a Spanish Garden (2014)– for mandolin & guitar

Black is the Colour (2015)– for solo cello

Dear Nora (2016)– for solo cello and stereo electroacoustic track

El hongo (2003)– for alto saxophone, cello, piano & vibraphone

Equinox (2013)– for oboe, violin, viola & cello (or for string quartet)

Garden Gnomes / Metro Gnomes (2004)– two pieces for four celli

Ice Sculptures (2005)– for violin, cello & marimba

Mahogany (2005)– for three celli

Ménage à trois (2001)– for piano trio (violin, cello & piano)

P’tites chansons d’amour (2014)– for mezzo-soprano, bass clarinet, violin, cello & harp

September Songs (2022)– for chamber quartet (two erhu, viola & cello)

The Brain (2002)– for tenor voice, bass clarinet & piano

They Took Flight (2004)– for clarinet, violin, cello & vibraphone

Triptych (2009)– for string octet

Winter Suite: Eight Vignettes (2007)– for two trumpets & piano

Yarilo (2007)– for solo cello

You Dream in Beauty (2018)– for mezzo-soprano, tenor, guitar, piano, violin & cello