Winter Suite: Eight Vignettes (2007)

two trumpets in C (1st tpt. doubling Bb picc.), and piano

14 min.

This piece was composed as a series of eight miniatures, or vignettes, inspired by a cycle of three poems about winter (by Robert Pack). Each vignette bears a subtitle taken from a line of poetry, representing the character of that particular movement—all being reflections on different facets of the winter season (i.e. brightness/exuberance, deadly chill, beauty, storm/chaos, stillness).

  1. I. Prelude
  2. II. I watched drowned snow appear to lift up from the lake
  3. III. Your red cheeks radiant against the wind
  4. IV. A frame of gilded twilight
  5. V. Cascading snowflakes settle in the pines
  6. VI. Homeward into the howling woods
  7. VII. Only a whiter absence to my mind
  8. VIII. Merely a mockery of spring


Sheet music is available through the Canadian Music Centre.