Ice Sculptures (2005)

violin, cello, marimba

8 min.

Ice Sculptures is essentially a study in colour and texture. The violin and cello parts are like an eye, traveling slowly over the surface of a sculpted piece of ice, and taking in the subtle transformative effects of a light source on the different angles and facets of a prismic object. The pitch material in the piece evolves gradually, passing through various textural effects in the strings, such as sul ponticello, harmonics, and different degrees of vibrato; there is an element of coldness present until the marimba enters in the middle section of the piece and introduces a new layer of colour, as well as some more rapid activity on the surface level. Although the piece requires a great deal of control to perform, it is meant to evoke in the listener a more organic process of transformation.


Sheet music is available through the Canadian Music Centre.